Welcome to Green World and to the opportunity to benefit from Green World products. Green World distributors have achieved great success in network marketing our Green World products and sharing the Green World Business Opportunity. Our superior nutritional herbal supplements have helped many to enjoy personal financial freedom through our world class product and equally superior Green World business and compensation plan. Get ready to Join Green World Today - Create Wealth!
    Welcome to Green World and to the opportunity to benefit from Green World products. Green World distributors have achieved great success in network marketing our Green World products and sharing the Green World Business Opportunity. Our superior nutritional herbal supplements have helped many to enjoy personal financial freedom through our world class product and equally superior Green World business and compensation plan. Get ready to join Green World today, and change your health and wealth. There is a scientific research base of World Group with dozens of highly skilled researching personnel in Michigan, USA. As the center of the American region, the base is specialized in the development and research of products. Nowadays, Chinese traditional medicine is admitted by more and more European and American people. One reason is that its efficacy is distinct. The other reason is that modern technology has brought the extract of the constituents to a new era and improved the stability of the treatment. More and more European and American people search for herbal and natural health food of high quality and their pursuit has been being fulfilled by World Group. The East European region of World Group, the center of which is Russia, has a perfect organization structure and professional administrative system. After the establishment of the center, the leading body had been exploring the market rapidly and made the branches cover all of the important countries in the East European region in a short time. At present, a great variety of products are sold in this region, including health food, tea series, cosmetics, daily commodities and therapeutic apparatus. Because of the high quality & stable performance of the products and considerate service, World Group has won the affection of the local masses. In respect that the region spans Europe and Asia, which makes goods easy to circulate, so new products are very easy to be introduced to the local market. Meanwhile, due to the rapid development of direct sale in recent years, not excepting the East European market, fresh competitors and marketing strategies emerge constantly. Thus challenges have been put forward to the World team of this region one after another. To answer up the circumstance, the branches attach importance to the change of markets, keep abreast of the latest development, branch out market research and renew their marketing idea. By implementing the culture, insisting on the principle, practice the value, the East European region of World Group will continue to work hard for the health and wealth of more people. The Central Asian region is another important base of the development of oversea market. The staff implement the operating principle of “health & credibility-oriented” and “to create health and serve the society” of the group by their action. They work hard, take the bull by the horn and show great assiduity in the extensive land of Central Asia, in order to bring the products of Green World to the life of Central Asian people, melt the culture of World into the spiritual principle of Central Asian people, create health and wealth for them and expand the room for the growth of World. As other regions of World Group, the successful operation in this region is due to the consistent high quality, team work spirit and effective administration of the group. With rational structures, each department has a clear division and communicates with each other fluently. The exploitation of the staff's personal capabilities and creativities are encouraged. Meanwhile, the stimulating mechanism is introduced to increase the competitive consciousness and a variety of training is launched to improve the growth of the staff. The responsibilities and rights are clearly stipulated. The evaluation system is subject to the contribution, while the personalities and diversities of the personnel are respected. Led by the headquarter of the group, the long-tested team of the Central Asian region has overcome difficulties one after another. At present, they are fighting for a higher goal. What is foreseeable is that they will continue to provide excellent products, considerate service and more career opportunities for the Central Asian consumers in the future. Meanwhile, they will also bring more good tidings for all the people of World. The South East Asian region, with Indonesia as its center, is an important component of our World abroad. Our business in this region has been being launched in the extensive districts such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Singapore and Brunei. Tens of thousands of distributors is moving in the market of Indonesia and other South East countries. A superior reputation has been won by our company in this region. The South East Asia has the renown of “the back garden of direct sale in the world”, while Indonesia is a great business power by nature. Meanwhile, it is a significant area for domestic and oversea direct selling enterprises to jostle for markets. Facing the cutthroat competition in the market, Indonesian company of World Group still achieve high profits in this region. How? The effective administration and the keen sense of business touch of our leading bodies deserve this achievement. From the very beginning of the founding of the Indonesian company, the leading bodies started to conform to the principles of the group. Based on this, they have been steadily and corporately struggling and making progress. On one hand, they display their fullest subjective initiative according to the local market environment. On the other hand, cooperating and coordinating with other regions, they focus on the overall interest of the group so as to try their best to realize the global goal of our group. With the common goal as the fountainhead, the unity and pragmatic policy as the key to success, the people of World in the region of South East Asia march forward without hesitation as they always do. A brighter future must be created by them. The development of the African region is attached to great importance by Green World Corporation. Since this area is one of the most significant region in the global strategic system of Green World. We may say that it locates at the center of the global market of Green World. Instructed by the strategic vision, we set up the headquarters of this region in Johannesburg , the economic center of South Africa , which is followed by southern African area, western African area and Eastern African area. Centered in South Africa , the southern African area also contains Swaziland , Botswana , Lesotho , Congo-Kinshasa , Zambia and Namibia , etc. Centered in Ghana and Cameroon , the western African area covers Cote d'Ivoire , Nigeria , Togo , Sierra Leone and Benin , etc. Centered in Kenya , the Eastern African area radiates the whole region of Eastern Africa . The vigorous development of our career in Africa makes more countries and people share excellent products and services of Green World. In future, areas interaction and network resource interaction will appear in the whole African region. We believe that there must be a glorious future of Green World in Africa as well as the world. Introduction of Green World South Africa Green World South Africa is located at No. 11, Park lane, Parktown, Johannesburg , engaging itself in importing, exporting and distributing of traditional Chinese herbal products and supplement health food. With its favorable location in Johannesburg , the economic metropolis of South Africa , the company is very accessible. The office is spacious and is mainly composed of office area, reception center, selling area, training room, along with the spacious boardroom which provides its staff and customers an environment with professionalism and comfort. Green World South Africa will function as administration, marketing of the quality Green World products, training, and also providing consultancy in the field of herbal products and spreading the holistic health care theory, and most of all, thru marketing the Green World products, the distributors can benefit financially as well as physically. Green World South Africa will take an active part in the economic development of South Africa and will be committed to acting as an important role in solving the problems of unemployment and in the other public affairs. Formally founded on June 9, 2007, Green World South Africa is convinced to be a great success on the basis of the professional management team, enthusiastic distributors and the strong backup from the head quarters. In the rest time of this year next year, Green World South Africa is to spread the business to all provinces of South Africa, and is planning to set up the branch offices in Durban, Cape Town, East London and service centers will also be set up to cater to the needs of products and training to the areas in vicinity.
    Green World Distributors and Partners have achieved great success in marketing Green World Products and sharing the Green World Business Opportunity.
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    Green World Spain Luxury Home Welcome to Be Green World. We are a Green World Partner Website, and dedicated to creating a green health for all to enjoy in. If you are looking for a home to gain in excellent long term health - then subscribe to Green World Superior Health Products. If you are looking to build wealth, make money, and have an income - then subscribe to Green World Business Opportunity Income Program.

    Green World Group attracts the most passionate and persistent business partners with its first-class product research, development and distribution design abilities. Its best products and most improved service systems paves a road leading to success. Green World provides a business starting and developing platform for everyone who has ambitions in their career. In this big family, each person who has dreams and ambitions will attain better health, gain confidence and realize his and her potential.

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    Green World Products

    Green World Products are formulated with ingredients derived from nature and we are proud that these products are manufactured with equipment and techniques from America, meeting rigorous standards for quality and safety.

    Green World Products have achieved a leading position in China, one of the biggest markets of the world, and they have been well received in America, most of the European countries, South East Asian countries - especially Indonesia, and countries all over in African.

    Because of the pursuance of high quality, Green World products enjoy a high reputation all over the world. Green World is growing to be a well-known name in American, South Asian, African, European and Chinese markets. It has dozens of branch companies overseas and founds large international marketing networks. The marketed products consist of five categories including Green World Health Products, Green World Beautifying Products, Green World Personal Care Products, Green World Household Articles and Medical Equipment, which include more than 1,000 products. The impressive performance greatly encourages the company to expand markets of other countries.

    In seeing such success, it is clear that the products offered by Green World are top class and have improved the health of thousands across the world. The same will be true for you through use of the Green World product range, as you enjoy the all the positive health benefits.

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    Our Promise To You

    Green World has ushered in a brand-new era in which science and technology are gaining in momentum, however, around the world today, there is a growing public appreciation of products made from natural ingredients and manufactured with processes sensitive to the natural environment. We have long cherished these very principles

    We will continue to be committed to refine and expand every aspect of our business to cater for the needs and demands of the health of a human. We will achieve this by also spreading the health care philosophy and concepts based on all natural resources. This will be for the benefit of the optimisation of human health and to contribute to the well being of society.

    Prof. Deming Li, PHD
    Chairman & President
    Green World Group Co., Ltd

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